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The Nature of Addiction

There are those who believe that addictions only affect certain people. Others go as far as saying that it is in the genes. As much as genetic predisposition may play a role in several addiction cases, all other forms of addiction are a testament to the fact that addiction does not discriminate on who it will hit. Chances are equal that you will become an addict just as anyone else, no matter your gender, race, class or other distinguishing factors. It is worse since an addiction becomes apparent once it has taken root.

Addiction leaves you incapable of any will before the substance. It makes you do anything to get a fix. It is best shown in how unconcerned an addict is to how bad things have gotten in their lives. They reserve all their focus and care on getting high, no matter what else happens in their life.

Addictions often begin as things you would not imagine could be that destructive. Common starting points are attempts to feel pleasure, to get rid of stress, to perform much better at school or work, and through peer pressure. With time, the substance addiction takes root in your life you can no longer function normally.

An addiction will make you a different person. Your personality, for example, will change. You end up with habits and behaviors that you never imagined you ever would have. Those who know you will see change in you that you may not even be aware is apparent. The chemicals in the substances you abuse will mess up our health as they interfere with your physical and mental constitution. It is how you see someone with symptoms like weight loss, unhealthy skin, teeth and nails, memory loss, issues with your speech, mood swings, irritability, an affinity for falling ill, glazed eyes, depression, and thoughts of suicide. You in the meantime will be so addicted you will not appreciate the damage you are enduring.

You can be saved from an addiction, but only with the right approach. First of all, reprimanding them for being addicts does nothing to help. You need to understand the root cause of their addiction. Talk to them, and let them know how bad things have gotten, and why they need to do something about it. They need love and acceptance if they are to agree to amend the situation. They need your support as they go for treatment, during treatment, and after when they go back to society.

It is a bad idea to try and beg them to go for treatment. They have to make that decision. You need to also learn more tips to help you help them the best way they need. Finding a good addiction treatment and recovery center is important. You can learn more about these points on this site.

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